Explore Madonna di Campiglio
in all its beauty

Admire the mountain landscape in Madonna di Campiglio with your partner or family

Imagine exploring the nature that Madonna di Campiglio lies in as you walk along the many mountain paths overlooked by the majestic Brenta Dolomites. Feel the beauty of this place and of the woods all around as you breathe in fresh mountain air with your loved ones.

There are many mountain paths here in Madonna di Campiglio to choose from so if you have children you may be sure to find the most suitable one for you. Follow a butterfly as it goes from flower to flower to see where it finally decides to rest and admire the fantastic view and landscape around you as the sun shines down warming you up.

If you prefer, you may take your loved one by the hand and try more challenging walks. You’ll certainly enjoy walking around these mountains that will allow you to live your holiday in Madonna di Campiglio to the full.