The triumph of love between
land and sky

Your honeymoon will have no end in this enchanted natural setting

Your big day is followed by the most desired holiday ever: your honeymoon! This holiday must be unforgettable, unique and exclusive. There is no better setting than Biohotel Hermitage set in the Brenta Dolomites like a diamond and surrounded only by the woods to make all this come true.

You’ll wake up facing the Dolomites as little deer run across our private park offering you a priceless romantic atmosphere.

You may have breakfast on our Hermitage Terraceterrace, almost suspended between land and sky, or stay in your room where we will serve your breakfast later on in the morning giving you time to stay with your loved one in peace and quiet.

Take your partner by the hand and adventure out into the woods to explore nature’s little secrets. Lie down on a green meadow while the sun warms your body and mountain breeze strokes your face.

Keep walking and you’ll reach the top of the Dolomites where you’ll feel you could almost touch the sky with a finger, and then return back to the bottom hand in hand with the wind in your hair and your heart full of joy.

Once you return to the hotel, tired but happy, go for a pleasant and relaxing swim in our indoor pool to then sit back on your lounge bed with a glass of Champagne as nature’s warm embrace gives you comfort.

After a massage or regenerating treatment in our Spa, your day may continue with many more surprises in the evening. Sit back and enjoy a romantic candle light dinner at the Hermitage Stube where our chef Giovanni D’Alitta will be pleased to prepare you exclusive gourmet dishes. Let the peace and quiet of nature sweep you off your feet as it participates in your happiness.