Everything communicates with nature in the first biohotel of Trentino

Biohotel Trentino, where nature and architecture walk hand in hand

Who has never dreamed of a holiday location that perfectly fits in with nature? This dream comes true at the first biohotel in Trentino.

Think about all the benefits deriving from the natural materials used to build our hotel. The sun light shining through the big windows and the fantastic view of the Dolomites will certainly put a smile on your face from the early morning.

The view, the scent of wood, the gourmet dishes and exclusive treatments in the Hermitage Spa are the ideal conditions to have when you want to take a break.

The rooms and suites at our biohotel in Trentino are free from toxic substances and electromagnetic pollution making them the ideal place to rest and relax in, while laying on soft sheets with a gentle scent of wood all around.

The natural heat produced by the sun will follow you down to the hall, bar and restaurant thanks to the under-floor heating system. You will breathe in a pleasant and healthy micro climate without having to worry about dust. We also pay special attention to water consumption and energy saving. Only at this healthy biohotel Trentino may you experience the peak of wellness in perfect harmony with nature.

Little secrets to take home

From choice of material to bed position, everything is assessed in order to make the holiday as healthy as possible for the guests. It is an example of excellence which diffuses a culture, implements savings and offers pleasant holidays, with an idea or two to make city living healthier. With optimum comfort and respect for the environment, Biohotel Hermitage has been a winning bet for over six years, and is regarded as one of the top 15 hotels in the entire Alpine arc, in a survey by Elaborazioni Trademark Italia based on the area’s main guides: Michelin, GamberoRosso, Touring Club and l’Espresso.

Before beginning the ecological shift of restructuring the hotel, which took place in early 2000, the Maffei household could only ask themselves: “If the provision of comfort costs more, will there be customers willing to pay higher prices? Will the emphasis on and proposal of a natural holiday and a building constructed in accordance with the standards of bio-architecture be appreciated?” The answers arrived through a careful analysis whichweighed up the variables and synthesized that the amplification of the hotel into an ecological capacity would cost 20% more than a traditional hotel, but with a saving of double on maintenance costs, energy costs and water usage. These variables, and the study of the characteristic features of an ecological building, were developed by an examination paper entitled “Wellbeing at Altitude” presented in May 1996, by Barbara Maffei to the Academy of Commerce and Tourism of Trento, which concerned the restructuring of her family’s hotel in a biological capacity. “Then, it was just a dream,” says Barbara, “in which my family believed, and managed to transform into reality a few years later in 1999”.