Biohotel in Madonna di
Campiglio: only you and nature

Lose yourself in a unique natural scenario at Biohotel Madonna di Campiglio

Imagine waking up every morning to the amazing view of the Brenta Dolomites and falling asleep at night in the peace and quiet of nature.

Imagine an elegant and cosy atmosphere where you can try the tastiest dishes of a gourmet cuisine and also a spa where you can relax after a day spent testing yourselves at different types of sport.

Do you think this is just a dream?

Then come and see for yourself and spend a romantic holiday in one of the most exclusive biohotels in Madonna di Campiglio. Hotel Hermitage is located just outside the town centre so you may fully experience the peace and calm of nature surrounding the UNESCO Brenta Dolomites. Your loved one and you will feel as if you have landed on an oasis of peace where you may finally dedicate all your time to each other.

Active Dolomites summer

The summer is a fantastic time to explore the breathtaking landscape around Biohotel Hermitage in Madonna di Campiglio: trekking, walks and mountain bike outings will lead you through the mysteries of nature. Being in very close contact with nature, you may choose which of its four elements suits your holiday the most: water, if you are looking for the excitement of rafting, air if you decide to admire the Dolomites from a paraglider, earth if you prefer to walk and fire, if you are a golf lover and not only.

Lifestyle in winter

If, on the other hand you prefer to spend your winter holidays here, then there is nothing more romantic than snow racketing in the woods. If you prefer the excitement and adrenalin of racing down a slope, then you have many options here to ski or snowboard.

Panoramic spa Campiglio

Once you return to your hotel you may treat yourself to a relaxing session in our spa with a soft musical background and the warm light of its scented candles. Our specialists will take good care of your partner and you with special packs, treatments and massages. Enjoy your well-deserved moment of relaxation in the sauna and herb-scented Turkish bath or soak up in the warm pool with view of the Dolomites. Then wrap a soft bathrobe around you before sitting back with a nice hot drink as you watch the Dolomites turn pink at sunset.

Gourmet hotel Campiglio

To successfully complete your day, treat yourselves to a romantic dinner prepared by our starred chef Giovanni D’Alitta. You’ll certainly appreciate our rich gourmet cuisine which combines modernity and Mediterranean tradition to tickle your palate in a fine and exclusive setting.

After this real experience of the senses, that you will certainly treasure forever, you may finally go to sleep and dream of the many surprises that await you at Biohotel Madonna di Campiglio.