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Discover the landscape with our Alpine Guide. We offer to our guest one free excursion every Friday, medium level difficulty.


The NOCE river is one of the most famous rafting rivers in Europe; different courses offer the possibility of many rides.
The equipment is supplied by the organisation. Daily descents on the river Noce, using particular pneumatic boats called rafts are waiting for you to enjoy a fantastic experience. Any raft can take 4 to 6 customers. Before you start the descents we will give you theoretical lesson, just to teach safety, and how to paddle.

Canyoning allows you to experience a new facet of water sports, where the environment is among the most hidden and spectacular imaginable. You enter a world in the heart of the mountains where usually only the water and the birds have access.
With the help of an expert alpine guide trained in the art of canyoning, anybody can try this new and exciting sport. Abbandon yourself to the extreme sensations, facing up to challanges which you may have thought were beyond your capacity.

from 70 to 100 euro per person (from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)

A wide range of tracks and trails await you and our guides are ready to accompany you on a voyage of discovery to pristine and untamed areas brimming with possibility for mountain biking. Our center supplies bikes specifically adapted to the range of terrain possible, and our qualified instructors are all more than capable of getting you down the mountain in safety.

from 70 to 100 euro per person for 1 day with guide

It is necessari to bring a swimming costume, thermal pullover, trekking boots and a towel. 

The center supplies 5mm wetsuits, harness, helmet and lifejacket.


euro 90 per person

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